Electrical Ventures specialise in all areas of domestic electric installations including:


Whether you are remodelling or redecorating, fancy a change or want a security light installed, we can help.

We offer a professional, safe and clean installation service that can be tailored to your exacting design, budget and energy needs – assessing your energy consumption and making a few changes can go a long way in reducing your usage, utility bills and your carbon footprint too!

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Electrical Ventures are able to provide help and advice on how to improve electrical safety in your home.

We are also qualified to issue Electrical Safety Certificates, whereby all electrical equipment and circuits are checked including earthing and bonding measures, all wiring, sockets and fuse boxes etc.

Once complete, we will provide you with a report of the checks made, along with any recommended safety improvement and details of any unsafe work.

PAT (Portable Appliance) Testing is also available.

Rewiring a home is a big job, but if you have damaged or deteriorated wiring can be hazardous, so it may well be essential.

It’s always wise to get an qualified electrician to carry out periodic checks and if you are a Landlord with rental properties, it is a legal requirement.

If you have any concerns about the safety of yours, we can carry out a survey and advise if your home needs rewiring and if so, what can be achieved within your budget.

Alternatively, if you are extending your home, we can carry out the necessary work required to extend your electrical supply through to the new build. We are happy to offer advice if this is something you are considering for you home.

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Known also a fuse box, the consumer unit is where the electricity in your home is controlled and distributed. It contains the main switch, fuses and/or circuit breakers and (in more current boxes) Residual Current Devices. 

RCDs are design to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you touch something live. They can also protect against electrical fires.

If you are having a new consumer unit fitted, its casing should now be metal, not plastic.

Need a service not listed?

Not to worry! There are too many services to list, simply send us a message with what you require and we will be in touch.


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